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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


DEI Philosophy

My personal philosophy on diversity, equity, and inclusion is rooted in the belief that all individuals have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other aspect of their identity. As a society, we are at our strongest when we embrace and celebrate our differences, and work to create inclusive environments where everyone can thrive.

I believe that achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion requires a multi-faceted approach that encompasses both systemic change and individual responsibility. As an individual, I strive to be aware of my own biases and work to continually educate myself on issues of social justice and equity. I also believe in using my privilege and platform to advocate for those who may not have the same opportunities or access to resources.

In terms of systemic change, I believe that it is essential for organizations to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion as part of their overall mission and values. This includes not only creating policies and procedures that promote equity and inclusion, but also actively recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, and providing resources and support for underrepresented groups.

I also believe that fostering a culture of inclusion requires ongoing education and training for all employees, as well as creating safe spaces for open dialogue and constructive feedback. This includes recognizing and addressing instances of bias, discrimination, and microaggressions, and working to create a culture of accountability and allyship.

Ultimately, my personal philosophy on diversity, equity, and inclusion is one of continuous learning, growth, and action. I am committed to doing the work necessary to create a more equitable and just society, and to be an ally and advocate for those who have been historically marginalized and oppressed.

DEI Strategy

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the education workplace requires a multifaceted approach that encompasses policies, procedures, and programs. I am committed to serving the community and upholding DEI practices in anything I do. My strategy involves several focus areas that can be implemented to foster a more inclusive environment: 

  1. Recruitment and Retention

  2. Curriculum and Instruction

  3. Professional Development

  4. Safe and Inclusive Environment

  5. Community Engagement

  6. Data Collection and Analysis

DEI Framework for Change

A Theory of Change (ToC) is a framework that outlines the steps necessary to achieve a desired outcome or goal. In the context of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), I developed a ToC outlining how we can promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. My ToC begins with identifying the problem and centers around the needs of the people I'm serving.

DEI Framework for Action

A Theory of Action (ToA) is a framework that outlines the specific actions and strategies necessary to achieve a desired outcome or goal. In the context of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), I developed a ToA that provides a roadmap for actively promoting DEI. My ToA begins with creating a vision and involves assessments, data collection, and ideation.

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